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"Scriba eBook Maker" is a project for building ebooks (in ePub, PDF and zip formats) using contents already available in other formats (e.g., HTML, PDF, XML, etc.) both on the Web and on file systems. Scriba is a utility written in Java and has a command line interface. It can also be deployed as an enterprise service. Scriba also supports plugins, that can be used to pre-process contents before they are inserted into the ebook. Basically, in order to use Scriba, a user just needs to draw up a descriptor XML file containing pointers (URLs) to the contents of the ebook under construction.

Scriba has entirely been developed by the ICT Department of the Italian Senate and is released under the GPL3 open source license. Therefore, it is freely usable, modifiable, embeddable and distributable as long as the Italian Senate is mentioned as author. Scriba is on Source Forge.

Scriba runs as an engine to make the EPUB version of many browsable legislative documents ( It uses the following open source projects:


Binary: download the latest binary package here.
Sources: browse the sources here.


Apache commons Apache HTTP components Apache PDFbox - Java library JSoup JTidy Boilerpipe